Low Cost TV-Style Product Videos Boost Sales for Large Online Retailer

ChannelPlan is a unique service introduced by Paul Carpenter Films earlier this year. It aims to bridge the gap between the customer-building potential of web video delivery platforms such as YouTube, and the limitations of shrinking advertising and marketing budgets. The latest client to benefit from a ChannelPlan production service is major online DJ equipment retailer, ElectroMarket.co.uk.

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Professional Flight School for YouTube

Youtube is changing the way we consume media. Vast audiences are now more often than not, choosing to access short, specific video content through free on-demand services like YouTube, rather than sitting in front of their TVs. ChannelPlan is the name given to a new service designed to provide everything you need to produce a low

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Web Channels Simplifying Targeted Media

MMP-TV and other website-based TV channels have recently been created as part of my new ChannelPlan range of services.¬† ChannelPlan is an affordable YouTube video and Web TV production service for companies and individuals looking to produce regular broadcast-quality media. The service is available in two forms: ChannelPlan TV and ChannelPlan Basic. The no-obligation ‘basic’

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