Southend Community to Celebrate Local Arts and Heritage Project

The Anglo Saxon World of Beowulf is a local arts, history and heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Over the last year, the project has involved students from six schools and has delivered a series of Beowulf-inspired history, art, creative writing and music workshops.  In addition, community groups worked with a professional cast to produce a free professional Beowulf performance in Priory park, Southend.

For all those who have been following the progress of the project, I am delighted to report that the long-awaited full length documentary is now finished.  There will be a celebration VIP event held on Thursday 13th October at Southend Museum.  Highlights of the event will include live music, a dramatic performance by Artistic Director, Mike Dodsworth and the premiere of the 35-minute documentary film charting the entire project.  It also includes previously unreleased excerpts from the show.

For those who are not able to attend, I will be making the documentary available for viewing on the web afollowing the event.