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ChannelPlan TV
Project-Managed Multimedia Production

Channelplan is a versatile, all-inclusive media production and delivery platform.  I have combined a unique range of creative production services enabling individuals, companies and organisations to deliver professional video and image content direct to a target audience, with minimum fuss and maximum control.

Better still, ChannelPlan reduces the significant burden of hiring multiple contractors to work towards a single end goal, providing an incredibly economical solution to the challenge of producing regularly updated content.

All creative and technical elements are included, to produce and deliver quality film, video and visual media through modern delivery platforms including web and social media. Clients benefit from being able to focus on just the things that matter, gaining the simplicity and transparency of a single point of contact and a single monthly bill.

Media Evolution

Media and technology have evolved enormously and so too have the consumer expectations. The current rate of technological change is significant, and businesses simply cannot afford to be left behind.

Many companies have adopted the popular approach of internalising production work, providing existing staff with the facilities to develop their own visual media. Although this might initially seem to make good business sense, internalising specialist tasks can be counter-productive in the long term as the financial costs and time burdens are taken into account.

Fast technological changes in media production, TV and Web delivery mean your staff will inevitably end up having to constantly retrain and reinvest. Their focus will be forced to shift in favour of an new all-consuming skillset, probably far removed from the actual products or services you are in the business of producing.

Even if your business does indeed have the capacity to produce properly distributed professional video, the question remains: Can in-house solutions economically produce consistent quality on a par with a dedicated production professional, without impacting too heavily on the workforce and day-to-day running of the company?

“To be the best in your field and choose to represent your success with substandard amateur, semi-professional or self-produced media, is a wasted opportunity.”

It requires significant time and resources to produce video that really stands out from the rest. Beyond that, it needs to be accessible, well presented and widely distributed in order to become a truly valuable asset.

Channelplan provides a reliable platform upon which your company can craft regular, properly distributed media content. It serves as a one-stop low cost solution for small to medium sized businesses and organisations.

The Music Man Project uses ChannelPlan services to produce regular multimedia content

The Music Man Project uses ChannelPlan services to produce regular MMPTV and multimedia content


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If your or your business are new to web TV and social media marketing, you might prefer to consider ChannelPlan Basic, a simple, low cost service based on YouTube Channel distribution.

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