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ChannelPlan Basic

Broadcast Standard Bite-Sized Productions from as little as £50!

ChannelPlan Basic provides incredibly low-cost professional minute-long videos, produced regularly, as often as you need.

Your minute-long film is ideal for product promotion, news updates and tutorials.  Made exclusively for delivery through your own YouTube channel, your video will shine amongst the competition.

Despite surely being the least expensive broadcast-standard web video service available anywhere, ChannelPlan Basic lacks nothing in terms of production values.  Videos are filmed with cinema grade cameras, sound and lighting facilities, not popular consumer equipment.  All of your ChannelPlan videos will reside on their own dedicated YouTube Channel, reaching a huge global audience.  Paul Carpenter Films will even build, customise and maintain that for you, free of charge!

How it works:

New customers buy an incredible value introductory pack and receive:

  • Free YouTube channel set up
  • Free Channel Branding:  This includes a short, eyecatching sting sequence used at the start of every video produced for your channel.  It will tell your viewers they are about to watch a professionally-made video, not just a run-of-the-mill homemade upload.  It will provide recognisable channel branding which your growing audience will come to recognise and respect.  In addition, we will design a semi-transparent corner logo which will ‘stamp’ your videos with the channel name.
  • Three individual minute-long videos to get your channel started with a good selection of varied content

ChannelPlan Basic is a genuine opportunity to invest in world class media to support your business ideas.  There are absolutely no on-going contracts or obligations.

Once your channel has been set up, simply order additional minute-long videos whenever you wish.  They will each be produced in your own distinctive format, featuring your channel branding, unique programme intro and ending.  As they are produced, they will be added to your ever-growing YouTube TV channel.  Just sit back and watch your subscribers, and customers, grow!

To build a really successful channel, it is best as with all social media promotions, to provide regular content updates.  Your viewers will demand variety, quality and volume.  Aim to produce between 3-4 videos per month initially to build a loyal following.

Your YouTube videos will reach a global audience who will be able to watch in high definition on PCs, laptops, iPads and tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and even mobile smartphones.  As new videos are added, your old ones also remain on your ChannelPlan channel, gradually building a full library of searchable content.  If you already have an existing YouTube channel for your business, you can easily embed your ChannelPlan content there as well, by adding a custom playlist to your page.

Read more about how it works in an article based on ChannelPlan Basic customer, London Airsports Centre.

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Vlogging and Presenting

If you are an individual aspiring to be an internet Vlogger or YouTube presenter, ChannelPlan Basic can help you too.

Launching your content ideas in the form of a regular Vlog or Youtube channel demands serious commitment.  While the potential rewards are huge – fame and fortune no less, you will have to sacrifice many things in order to produce quality regular content that builds a following.

ChannelPlan offers simple low cost options to suit individuals – that’s performers as well as web entrepreneurs.

The service takes care of your filming, editing and uploading tasks, leaving you to focus entirely on your content-writing and delivery skills.  On the subject of skills, if you are new to the whole idea of Vlogging, you might even want some advice on presenting techniques, looking good on camera, writing a better script and all the other things that great presenters make look easy.


For more information on ChannelPlan, contact channelplan@paulcarpenterfilms.com
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For information on dedicated Web TV design services, see ChannelPlan TV