ChannelPlan FAQ


ChannelPlan YouTube and Web TV Production

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChannelPlan?

ChannelPlan is designed to provide an affordable all-inclusive solution for producing TV-quality, custom-designed YouTube channels.

How much does it cost?

The ChannelPlan Basic service is the least expensive option. 20-60 second videos are produced in blocks of three or more, at a current special offer price of £50 per video including equipment, planning, filming, editing and digital supply. The client pays an upfront cost of £150, with no further obligation to purchase more until they are ready to do so. The upgraded ChannelPlan TV package involves extensive production services and as such, each project is priced according to requirements.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum period?

ChannelPlan Basic: No - there are absolutely no hidden terms or minimum contracts.
ChannelPlan TV: Yes, this is a service designed for long-term media production and distribution.

What is the difference between ChannelPlan TV and ChannelPlan Basic?

Basic is a YouTube only service featuring minute-long videos. TV is a bespoke Web TV service, with a custom built website supporting and delivering regularly updated channel content.

What is a custom YouTube Channel?

A custom channel offers more than a basic one. Firstly, it includes custom-designed banner artwork and branding. It also contains optimised text descriptions and keywords. This means that content shows up more frequently in Google and YouTube searches, building your audience quickly and effectively.

How often do I need to add new programmes to the channel?

With ChannelPlan Basic, there are no obligations. Although clients can update content whenever they wish, it is recommended that one standard pack of three videos is purchased every 3-4 weeks, enabling roughly one video to be added every week. Consistency and choice will help retain interest and channel subscribers.

How long can my programmes be?

ChannelPlan Basic programmes are produced in threes, each 1 minute in length. Alternatively, two 1.5 minute videos can be produced instead, for the same price. ChannelPlan TV programmes have no length or format restrictions.

What type of programme can I have?

ChannelPlan Basic: Tutorials, talking heads, product features, reviews, vlogs.
ChannelPlan TV: No limits.

How long will programmes remain on YouTube?

ChannelPlan custom YouTube channels are managed by Paul Carpenter Films. Programmes will remain on the channel indefinitely, unless the client instructs otherwise. In the event that invoices become overdue, content may be suspended or removed from YouTube until the matter is resolved.

Who can access the YouTube channel?

YouTube is free to use and available globally. It can be accessed on smart TVs, tablets, laptops, smart phones, games consoles and set top boxes, among other devices.

Who manages the Youtube channel content?

Channel content is uploaded, optimised and managed by Paul Carpenter Films.

Can I have copies of the programmes made?

Yes. Productions are filmed in full broadcast quality high definition and can be authored to DVD or Blu Ray disc if required, at extra cost.

What happens to the channel if I no longer want to make new programmes for it?

With ChannelPlan Basic, there would be no implications whatsoever. You can easily re-instate production again whenever you feel ready and willing, or just abandon the project if it isn't right for your business.

Who owns the copyright for programmes made on ChannelPlan?

Paul Carpenter Films retains the copyright for all programmes made. The client may distribute the work however and wherever they wish, but it cannot be modified or re-edited.

What are the payment terms?

ChannelPlan Basic requires invoices are paid within 7 days following upload to YouTube. Failure to pay within the time frame will result in the videos being removed from the Channel and suspension of the project until the matter is resolved.

Can I order a single video when I need one, rather than a pack of three?

Once you are an established ChannelPlan customer with a functioning channel, you can order a single one-minute video for £85, if you do not require the standard pack of three.

How will my channel be promoted?

Social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and search engines such as Google and YouTube search. As popularity grows, other users will cross-promote your content to their own subscribers.

How can I help to cross-promote my channel content?

You can easily embed playlists on your own YouTube channel if you have one, or embed videos on your company website. You can also post links to your social media accounts. All mentions will further optimise your content, making it more and more visible to the world.

I could film this myself. Why should I pay you to do it?

YouTube is full of amateur videos. You will receive programmes made on cinema grade cameras, by a production professional with over a decade of film making experience. Your customers and future customers will immediately notice the difference. A professional solution like ChannelPlan includes programme design, script writing, presenting and voice over skills development and on-going support.

How much experience do you have doing this kind of work?

Film Maker and business founder, Paul Carpenter has over 20 years experience working in creative media industries, including over 11 years in video production and documentary film making.

Who will come up with scripts and ideas for new videos?

We work with clients to form programme content and preliminary scripts. If a client is presenting their own video, they can simply amend the pre-written script to their preference on the day of the shoot.

What happens on filming day?

For ChannelPlan Basic, all three videos are shot in one half day session. Upon arrival, you will be briefed about what to expect during the shoot. If your videos are to feature a presenter, their scripts will be pre-loaded to an autocue system for their convenience. We will record voice over and presented sections, followed by supporting video footage for each of the three videos.

How long does it take to produce a pack of three videos?

For the first pack, approximately 5 days, for subsequent packs, 2 days.

Who does the presenting or voice over?

The client or a suitable and willing member of their staff.

My staff have never done anything like this before. How can I be sure they will come across well in the videos?

Your presenter will be put at ease and offered expert guidance on how to read an autocue, create a good posture and present information clearly and calmly. Virtually every staff member thoroughly enjoys this character-building experience, despite any initial apprehensions.