Introducing ChannelPlan

Striving to be the best in your field while representing your brand with sub-standard media, is a wasted opportunity.

PlaninaBox-1_8Now you can enjoy the benefits of universally affordable TV-quality production, on your very own web channel.  ChannelPlan has been designed to offer extremely low cost, flexible production solutions for individuals, businesses and organisations looking to build and sustain a global following for their products, services, reviews or tutorials.

The service is available in two forms – ChannelPlan TV and ChannelPlan Basic.  The basic service provides ultra-low cost, no obligation web TV via Youtube, while the TV plan adds seriously powerful bolt-on multimedia design functions and dedicated custom-built and managed websites.

ChannelPlan services take care of everything you need to translate your ideas into a beautifully produced, widely available, regularly updated web TV channel.  Its ultimate aim is to enable companies to make and distribute broadcast quality media promos quickly and simply with no compromise on quality.  With videos designed to latest social media-friendly standards, your promos will draw massive attention online; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, company websites and online stores.


Make media to today’s broadcast standards and watch your audience grow as their perceptions change.  Choose the right package for you and find out how to jet-propel your company’s online presence.

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