Production Samples

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Plane Tales: Tiger Moth, “GOOSY”

A music-based film aiming to capture the character and spirit of a vintage 1943 Tiger Moth. Creative films like this one are conceived and produced over a period of time, often involving collaborations with contributors and as in this particular case, composers and musicians.

Music is Magic at the London Palladium

London Palladium retrospective features produced for The Music Man Project. Paul Carpenter Film and Media also produced a multi-camera HD shoot and souvenir DVD for this performance, the Music Man Project’s second show at the London Palladium. You can also read more about the first Palladium project, shot back in 2015, in this project blog.

Driven by Difference – Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions CiC

This 2014 corporate film follows at the progress and achievements of a unique group of Social Enterprise Directors, who despite having a learning disability, are employed within a pioneering organisation to shape the provision of services for other disabled people in Thurrock.  I have extensive experience working with SEN students and individuals with unique additional needs.

A #CokeTVMoment with Endemol Shine / Coca-Cola

An extreme sports shoot for the UK Coca-Cola online channel, CokeTV, in collaboration with Endemol Shine. Production work included all ground coverage of the flights, cockpit coverage and wing walk body cameras.

Southend Vox

A website promo film featuring a live choral performance, filmed in the choir’s church hall rehearsal space.

Ride of Your Life

A Trailer for a 60-minute educational film commissioned by independent producer, Sunbeam Media. The film is distributed nationally via pay-per-view subscription and DVD sales in colleges and universities.

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The Turbulent Team

Based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Essex, my aviation-themed productions showcase a unique selection of rare vintage aircraft and display pilots.

The Music Man

A full length documentary revealing how Southend Mencap Music School enhanced the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. Filmed between 2011-2012, this critically acclaimed film, watched by Prime Minister David Cameron, was scheduled for national TV broadcast in December 2013.

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Highlights Reel

A short montage featuring clips from previous productions.

Virtual Studio and Custom VFX Reel

A short additional sample reel containing excerpts from virtual studio productions and other custom built VFX sequences.

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Multimedia Projects

Multimedia work includes production of other creative media assets including photography and video for social media, creative web assets, sound work, print design project, website builds, educational project facilitation and interactive workshops.