New Broadcast Level Production Values for High-End Corporates

With major production work currently underway for Sunbeam Productions, Yardarm Folk Orchestra and Southend Vox among others, the first quarter of 2013 seemed like a natural time for my next wave of upgrades.

Why should you give two hoots about my business dealings? Well quite simply, your business could benefit.  Paul Carpenter Films can now bring full BBC-level broadcast facilities to your place of work.  Crucially though, it’s still a production service provided to my customers at thoroughly sensible, affordable cost.

New kit used to full effect at the UK head office of Total Jobs

Talking heads, corporate promos, interviews, product demos and webinars are commonplace these days. You’ll find them all over the Web and plenty stuffed into your Inbox to boot.  Good, well-made ones on the other hand, are less common; wobbly cameras, poor lighting, distracting sound, poor composition, shoddy compression  …the list of production sins goes on and on!

Sadly, this state of affairs is largely to do with the increased accessibility of video production as a profession.  This has led to an influx of inexperienced and poorly equipped personnel delivering work with sub-par production values.

While many top business now understand that video marketing is crucial to their success, management staff are rightly apprehensive about hiring the wrong person to produce the work and create negative publicity.

My recent wave of upgrades has brought in a perfect combination of high-end broadcast Dedolight kit and a BBC approved video camera.  In addition, I have also invested in upgraded broadcast sound recording equipment and utilise a high-end DSLR kit for fashionably artistic b-roll (cutaway) shots to support interview content.

All of this equipment is now my ‘standard’ kit and travels with me to each and every job; that’s every job, including the very smallest ones.

My new four-point portable, professional lighting system allows me to transform any space into a professional temporary studio environment.  Even if your office or home space is very restricted, I have the facilities to create an attractive, colourful, professional-looking background within a confined space to take your ‘talking head’ footage to the next level.

Many interviewees worry about how they might appear on camera.  Using a highly controllable key, fill and backlight, I can enhance your best features and detract attention from anything likely to make you feel self-conscious.  This lets you concentrate on your spoken content, rather than having to worry about other performance factors beyond your control; your appearance is in safe hands!  As an experienced documentary-maker, I will conduct your video interview in a relaxed and relatively informal manner whilst also taking care of everything technical.

Recently, I have taken my mobile studio facilities to many varied locations including churches, halls, homes and even the prestigious but tightly-located central London offices of, all with stunning results.

If you feel your business could benefit from an image overhaul, please feel free to contact me to discuss how my new range of highly affordable promotional video production services might help.


Thanks for reading!


Paul Carpenter

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