Music Video

Paul Carpenter Films are now offering an incredible music video production service offering value for money never before witnessed in this field.

Due to the progression of technology over the last five years, there is potential for producing incredible film-like music videos and promos even on the very lowest budgets.

With a proven track record in this field, including a music video which reached number one in ‘The Box’ video charts for over two months, Paul Carpenter Films is a safe, reliable choice.

Top quality music promos start at only £100.  Larger budget projects include styling, casting, extensive storyboarding and grading and the full excitement of a music video ‘experience’ for all concerned.  Low budget productions may not offer the thrills, but we can turn very simple shoot concepts into show-stopping end results!

Director Paul Carpenter has a true, genuine love for and understanding of a broad range of musical styles and takes great pride in the fact that before shooting any music-driven project, a full artistic connection is formed.


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