Music Composition for New Wing Walk Promo

Producing this simple, short promo for The Wing Walk Company included a few unique challenges including composing a unique soundtrack to accompany some onboard footage.  The promo was produced to play at the Wing Walk Company’s new offices at Headcorn Aerodrome.  Its soundtrack features authentic Boeing Stearman engine sounds and soaring electronic sounds.

Having already started work on “Beyond Above” for use in a Wing Walk documentary which sadly became shelved along the way, I decided to revisit the project for use in this 4-minute promo instead.  It features the firm’s own on-board footage of Wing Walkers riding on top of their vintage biplane.

The music was created from scratch using Presonus Studio One software, midi synths, samplers and live guitars. It reflects a few of my personal influences including synth-driven sounds of Above and Beyond, and additional sounds reminiscent of sun-drenched electro-pop-rock sounds of the 80s.  Sweeping violin-type string sounds were recorded on guitar, recorded and mixed in the home  studio.

The finished edit includes a handful of custom shots I acquired to help make the visuals a little more varied and interesting.  After Effects was used to create custom motion graphics including an animated Wing Walk Company logo within a 3D cloudscape, a spinning corner watermark, and a custom aircraft fly-by alpha matte scene transition.

You can find out more about the UK’s leading provider of public and charity wing walk experience flights, by visiting

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