Interviews, Vox Pops and Talking Heads

Professional video with high production values can be an immensely powerful asset to any company or individual looking to publicise a product, service, skill or opinion.

Sometimes a message can be conveyed through a very simple, but professional piece of work.  With this in mind, Paul Carpenter Films have launched a new stripped-down service offering interview recording, vox pops or messages to camera.

These services are the cheapest on offer but are not in any way a compromise on quality.  Interview work is shot in full HD, is professionally lit and particular attention is paid to achieving highest quality sound.

Many other companies take a less consciencious approach to this type of work and is doing so, destroy the potential impact of the spoken content.  Our work is so professionally produced that the viewer need only pay attention to the message, not technical inadequacies.

Prices start from only £150 for a half-day shoot, including production work.

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