Get Ready for the Anglo Saxon World of Beowulf!

The Anglo Saxon World of BeowulfThere’s now only a week to go before the ‘Anglo Saxon World of Beowulf’ project reaches its climactic end.

Over the last eight months, I have been making a documentary about this excellent project.  I have worked on many youth arts projects in the past, but this one really stands out in terms of how professionally it has been run.  I love the fact that this project has genuinely offered children and community groups the chance to get involved in something big.  It’s unpretentious, yet creative at the highest level and that is a very refreshing balance.

On Sunday 24th July there will be a large-scale original community performance in Priory Park, Southend.  Entrance is free and the show will run from 4pm until 6.30pm.

The Anglo-Saxon World of Beowulf is an epic tale of warriors, kings, monsters and dragons. The bloodthirsty legend has been told in England since around 600-700 A.D. when the Anglo-Saxon settlers first brought stories with them from their homeland. Professional and amateur performers will bring the ancient story to life in the open air, accompanied by Southend Choirs, singing to an original and highly atmospheric score.

My documentary is set to be released some time towards the end of August and will be available for public viewing. 

You can get more information on this project here: