Documentary Making

Paul Carpenter Films specialises in corporate and social documentaries and has an extensive track record in this field.

The corporate documentary has become an increasing popular option for businesses wishing to offer customers an insight into their work or achievements, and offers far more scope for promotion than an advertisement.

Documentaries can be anything from five minutes to sixty minutes in length, though most tend to run for approximately thirty minutes.

Corporate documentaries can include a broad variation of content including footage shot on-location, interviews, testimonials, history, dramatic interpretations, montages and much more. 

Paul Carpenter Films offers business customers many benefits including the ability to stay in touch with their project, providing guidance and ideas throughout the whole process.  Despite this involvement and one-to-one contact with the crew, all production tasks are taken care of by us ensuring the documentary need not become intrusive or a time burden for the customer.

Many companies choose to involve to cast their own staff in the production, filling presenting and voice-over roles.  This reduces overall costs and adds a personal, honest tone to the finished work.  Involving staff as ‘the talent’ also offers many other benefits such as a team-building experience for employees.

Prices for corporate documentary work start at only £200.

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