Employment Opportunities

Cast & Crew Opportunities

Paid Opportunities:

Runner Required:

Working as a runner requires reliable completion of straightforward but important general tasks.  Essentially, you will act as an extra pair of hands when needed during the shoot.  You will help to carry bags, assemble and dismantle equipment, operate a clapper board, liaise between members, hold reflectors and other similar tasks.

Runners are paid a small daily/hourly rate, but will not be required to work most of the time.  Generally, most help is needed during set-up and break-down of equipment.

Current Runner Opportunities:

March 2015:  Music Video, Putney, London

June 2015:  London Palladium, London

Please contact us for more details.


Camera Operator Required:

Camera Operators are required to supply their own camera and tripod.  Minimum recording specification is 50Mb/s 4:2:2.

Current Camera Operator Opportunities:

June 2015:  London Palladium, London


Sound Recordist

We would like to hear from professional or student sound recordists/boom operators for work on occasional freelance projects..


Unpaid Opportunities:

Composers, Production Assistants

Please contact us for more details.

Information can be emailed to:  paul@paulcarpenterfilms.com