Customer Feedback


“Paul’s documentary about the Southend Mencap Music School is simply spectacular and it is no wonder the film received a standing ovation at its premiere. Paul managed to capture the heart and soul of something very dear to me and I will be forever grateful for his wonderful portrayal of its story. I now have in my hands a lasting record of 12 years of my life and a perfect marketing tool for future expansion. His approach from beginning to end was distinguished by professionalism, respect and sensitivity, and I cannot commend him highly enough for his skill and dedication to quality film making.”  Cllr. David Stanley MMus BMus (Hons) PGCE NPQH

“I watched the documentary with great pleasure and was particularly moved by the testimony given by the students.”

Rt Hon. David Cameron, Prime Minister


“Paul Carpenter Films – the costs are tailor made depending on what you would like. He does everything from one-minute clips to full length features and he will discuss all this with the customer. Whatever the cost, you do get value for money. His first question is along the lines “What do you want to achieve?” and you go from there. He is so honest that if he thinks it wont work then he’ll tell you – he refuses to do any botched jobs, it’s either “brilliant” or it doesn’t happen.
The first dvd three years ago was so good that the BBC picked it up and broadcast it three times on their Community Channels.  Not cheap for us, but every penny was well spent and our orchestra really took off after that first film.
This is NOT a one man band, fly by night company – Paul is unbelievably thorough and professional with a lot of creative ideas and patience. I would say that if you want a top notch film then you don’t cut corners, you use someone like Paul. If the cost is prohibitive then it’s probably better to not make a film at all or to at least modify what you want. Paul is as straight as an arrow and will advise you without any hard-sell tactics.
I can’t speak highly enough of Paul and his work.”
Malcolm Reid, Music Director, Yardarm Folk Orchestra


“I’ve just had the pleasure of working with Paul on a new video for young job seekers. He turned my relatively vague brief into a first class, creative, exciting and very professional video. The result surpassed all my expectations – and was on time and within budget. Paul is an expert who goes the extra mile and pays attention to detail to make sure the finished product is perfect. 5 star service all the way!”  David Round, Director, Sunbeam Media

“It really is a stunning piece of work and I can’t wait to send a link to everyone involved.”

“(I) can’t believe one man can turn out such high quality as an independent film producer.”  “It obviously does not need to be said but congrats to you for such fine work.”

“I thought the talking heads sections would probably look quite boring – wow, how wrong was I – it looks and sounds fantastic.  Thank you so much for your thought, time, effort and expertise.”



Beautiful detail and inspiring symbolism. Paul Carpenter knows how to capture the living essence of these inanimate objects that kindle the fire within every soul who belongs to the sky.”  Ben Kauffman, Artist and Technologist

“Beautifully shot and edited little film about the immortal Tiger Moth.  A must-watch!”  Tim Robinson, Editor in Chief, AEROSPACE



“Hi Paul, Tony has just shown me your Young Epilepsy film – just wanted to say before I forget, IT’S FANTASTIC!!!! So so good. I’ve done a Wingwalk twice and it accurately represents everything about the experience you’ll be glad to hear, but beyond that it’s just such a lovely fine bit of craftsmanship! Loved the sound editing – the music, the engine sounds, voice – perfect!  It’s beautiful.”  Sarah, Professional Wing Walker



“We have been truly impressed by the work that Paul Carpenter Films did to build our documentary film into a huge success.  Their professionalism and skills have been second to none and the result was even better than we had hoped for.  The entire project has been exceptional value and I commend Paul Carpenter Films to anyone who wants to create a superior visual representation of their business or other enterprise for a sensible financial outlay.”  Malcolm Reid, Music Director, The Yardarm Folk Orchestra



“Dear Paul, Following the first viewing of the (Mencap) Music School Documentary last night, I had to write to you to again express my immense gratitude for what you have produced.

I have known for a long time what a fantastic team I have providing music, tuition and support to all our students and with the introduction of Music Man this is only going to increase the numbers benefiting.  However, to see them all together in your documentary, talking about their experiences, the shows, performing and what music school means to them was one of the most emotional things I have ever had the honour to witness.

The professionalism of the documentary is of the highest quality and I would say this would not look out of place being broadcast on national television.

Paul, you have done an awe-inspiring job… thank you.”  Marc McOwens, Manager, Southend Mencap

“From start to finish, Paul’s work has been exemplary and he was a pleasure to work with. He understood the needs of our students and was able to make them feel very comfortable whenever he was filming. The finished product is of the highest quality, looks incredibly professional and would not look out of place on national television during prime time viewing.”  Marc McOwens, Manager, Southend Mencap



“It’s fabulous!  You know how fussy I am – but the soundscape is just marvellous.  The clever seagulls, machinery in the docks and stereo aeroplanes make me so happy!  It’s just so professional…”  Neil Woodbridge, CEO, TLS CIC.


“I’d like to say now that you are fantastic to work with, in every way: professional, organised, flexible, reassuring and unflappable.  The years of experience simply show in the quality of what you are doing for this project, and I really feel like I’m in a team.”  Sarah Bedell, Aspirational Arts Partnerships Ltd.



“We would like to say a very big heart felt thank you for this wonderful video you have created. As David and Marc have said you have captured the event and atmo‎sphere perfectly and we are extremely lucky to have this video as a way of remembering this wonderful day and to also now use to promote the music man project further. You are so very talented and the quality of your work is outstanding. We are just so fortunate that we have had you cover our concert.

I agree with Marc that this video highlights the reasons why we are all working together and what a difference we are m‎aking and we want to thank everybody once again for all the hard work they have done for us.

Thank you also for being so patient with us during our interviews. You were very kind and helpful which helped us to relax and do the best we could. We honestly don’t know how you did it!!!!! Amazing editing!! Thank you!!!!!

We are so proud to show this video to our college and I will be able to use it to promote my East Sussex sessions, along with the other videos you have created. It looks so professional and goes along way in showing people the quality of the music man project and the standards that our students deserve.

Thank you Paul, we are so grateful and we very much hope to work with you again in the future” Leisa and Jemma, Undergraduates, Guildhall School of Music and Drama



“Paul made two excellent videos for me for my website and for presentations. He is an expert at what he does, he takes immense pains to make sure that everything is right, and he is delightful to work with. I felt totally confident in him, and the results are first class. If you need a corporate film made for you, ask Paul to do it. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”   Jan King, Retirement Coach



“Paul worked with our staff and students over a long period and very quickly established an excellent rapport with everyone across the school. He was very sensitive to the needs and challenges of our students and treated them with great respect, empowering them to develop skills and self confidence. And they had fun!! lots of fun. The quality of Pauls’ student workshops and the final product, a documentary film about our school, were outstanding. Familes and friends of students and staff have been delighted and moved by the film, not just because of its superb technical quality but because it captures perfectly the spirit and ethos of this unique environment and community. We are looking forward to working with Paul again very soon.”  Ian Davies, Assistant Headteacher, Pioneer School



“This is just to say many, many thanks for your terrific work on the OTR. I am sure it was good to see your input up on the big screen. It was individual and outstanding.”  Mary-Ann Connolly, Creative Director, Pinpoint Create



“Paul produced a promotional video for me that was above and beyond my greatest expectations. He is highly creative, pays wonderful attention to detail and generates the finest quality film. I thoroughly recommend working with Paul – you and your business will never look back!”  Alexandra Turchyn, Actress and Style Consultant, House of Colour



“Paul is an outstanding filmmaker and it was a real pleasure working with him in my role as resident composer for Pinpoint Create Theatre Company. He is a true artist and understood the expressive intention of my music very quickly. He captured the overarching spirit of the project brilliantly but also brought out the subtle nuances in his subject matter. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and is sensitive to the needs of his clients. I was truly delighted with the final documentary. It is very rare for a film to capture collective creativity with as much excitement as the original live performance. Thanks to the quality of Paul’s work I now have a perfect record of a wonderful artistic collaboration.” Cllr David Stanley, Eastwood School / David Stanley Music



“I found that the combination of Paul’s professional competency, creativity and responsiveness to suggestion created an impressive visual record of an unique experience. I highly recommend him”  Eileen McCabe, Empower Independent Consultancy Ltd



“Paul is a superb film-maker who captures the special moments with skill and sensitivity. It is a real pleasure to work with him.  His work is just superb with great attention to detail and a discreet approach with young people.  He seems to get the best out of them and I cannot recommend him more highly.  We were just thrilled with his work.”  Mary-Ann Connolly, Creative Director, Pinpoint Create



“Paul … you need to up your prices!!! this is amazing  – your standards are very very high.  I was worried that we’d set you too big a task .. it works brilliantly.  Thanks so much.  You’ve made the start of my day very very happy.”  Neil Woodbridge, CEO, Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions



“The long road to this project is finally over and we both wish to thank you for your exhaustive effort on bringing this production together despite the gruelling circumstance.  We know that without a doubt this project could not have been entrusted to a better and more efficient person than you. Your meticulous eye for detail and commitment is second to none. We mean this very sincerely.  I will no doubt be promoting your company and recommending you to others in need of similar services.”  Nazima Yusuf, Nur al-Habib Productions


Web and Design Testimonials


“Oh how I wish the other people we deal with are as efficient and professional as you Paul!  I am very thankful for the speed and professionalism of your work.  The pictures and video content are first class but I would expect nothing less from you!  However what I am most pleased about is the structure of the site and its future proof functionality.  I am incredibly excited about how MMPTV will develop and really pleased that you have taken the responsibility for ensuring the text and general content is up to date.  I now finally feel sure that the site is being looked after by someone with the expertise it deserves and a genuine passion for the subject matter.”  David Stanley, Founder, The Music Man Project

“It’s a joy to work with someone who does things not just in a timely manner, but with great effect and dedication in providing the society and our students with what everyone needs.”  Marc McOwens, General Manager, Southend Mencap


Other Comments:

“Paul is a modern alchemist.  He converts the various elements of what you want to say, show and hear into a work of art in itself.  Intuitive, talented and on time!” Tony Michaels, Writer


“First of all congratulations on what I think is a tremendous piece of work.  I rarely watch something of this nature and think that the true spirit of the piece has been captured, so really well done.”  Stuart Mullins, Creative Director, Theatre Is…



“Paul at Alchemy Productions achieved the impossible for ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas – Magic of the Movies’.  He captured the visual excitement and spirit of a live show in a fabulous three minute film.  Anyone seeing the clip was immediately converted to ticket sales.  It was also edited and ready the day after filming!  This is a company who understands and converts the needs of its clients with creativity and professionalism.  Great stuff!”  Mary-Ann Connolly, Cultural Project Officer, Thurrock Council


“Hi Paul, I’m still on cloud 9 about what you had done on the Desire video.  It’s better than I could have ever imagined.”  Vince, Earth Culture 


“Hey Paul , Wow the videos look amazing – great work man. Really cool stuff. Thanks so much for that.  My Agent & manager have just watched it with me and loved the dvd as well as the lay out of the cd design. It just looks great.”  Sean Taylor

“Dear Mr. Carpenter, This is a fan letter about your “The Anglo-Saxon World of Beowulf” film. It’s a stunning project, and your documentary covers it so superbly, not only getting across acres of information, but communicating the sheer delight of the school kids, the genius of the teachers, directors, performers and etc, and also genuinely transmitting a sense of the ‘Anglo-Saxon World’.  I’m a university professor who wrote a widely-read ‘documentary novel’ about the spiritual life of the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons (‘The Way of Wyrd’ – currently in development as a feature film).  I also taught and directed at RADA for ten years, so was thrilled to see theatre at the centre of this inspiring multi-discipline educational project!
I send you all best wishes for your current and future projects – all strength to your camera arm!”  Prof. Brian Bates


“Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your excellent work in producing First Step’s promotional DVD so quickly.  We are unanimous in thinking it exactly fits the bill as being completely right for a variety of audiences. Your attendance on the day was very discreet and in no way intrusive to the normal activities that were underway at First Step.  Staff commented on your sensitivity in not encroaching on childrens individual space and in allowing them to be completely natural, rather than ‘performing’ for the camera. Each audience, be it staff, parents or interested parties, has been spellbound and some tears have been shed. In a nutshell, IT’S PERFECT! Thank you so much for having such insight.” Gill Hare, Service Manager, First Step


“I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the completed Local Public Service Agreement DVD. The quality of production is really first rate.  Working with you was wonderful, you took the brief and made the twelve targets come to life.  It was a bonus that I didn’t have to do anything except tell you what I wanted from the end product and you just went away and worked your magic.  The cost was very reasonable too.  Win, win all round. I will not hesitate to recommend Alchemy to all my colleagues.” Sandra Fletcher, Principal Quality Assurance OfficerThurrock Children, Education and Families


“Dear Paul,Thank you very much for your assistance yesterday and going that extra mile, as usual, with all those extra shots that I thrust upon you at such short notice. I thought I would let you know that we all appreciate your efforts whenever they are required. At last we have found someone local who has his own style and attention to detail, discipline and I don’t think we would have progressed this far without your creative ideas, commitment and extras whenever they’re needed.”  Paul Smith, West & Coe

“I would like to personally thank you for the excellent service you provided for the Havering Business Awards which contributed to the whole evening being a huge success.  I was, as always, very impressed with the professionalism of yourself and your team, and as I have said before, I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.” Yvonne Bendall,Regeneration Officer, London Borough of Havering


“Paul,The event was a complete success.  Believe it or not, the technology worked really well, no hiccups there, but most of all the video went down brilliantly.  Everybody was impressed with it! Thank you so much for all the effort and input you’ve given us, a very professional service in very difficult circumstances!” Jennifer Maclellan, Havering College


“Every time I think Paul has done his best work he goes one (or three) better. Those videos are fantastic Paul, well done.” Mark Allinson,Thurrock Council Arts Manager

“Hi Paul, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We have really enjoyed working with you as have the four boys.”  Linda Maxted, Leigh North Street Junior School


“I found that the combination of Paul professionally competency, creativity and responsiveness to suggestion created an impressive visual record of an unique experience. I highly recommend him.” Eileen McCabe 


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