A Flight with The Turbs

The Turbulent Team are one of the most fondly regarded and longest established flying teams in the world.  Part of the famous Tiger Club, ‘The Turbs’ have recently relocated at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Essex and I couldn’t resist an unmissable opportunity to film with the team as they began preparations for the new display season..

The Turbs tour UK airshows and events offering spectators their own unique brand of aerial antics including flour bombing, limbo, tethered flight and balloon popping.  During my time with spent with the team though, they were practicing  some basic but no-less exciting manoeuvres, including close formation flight, tight turns and fast passes within the airfield boundaries.


Made exclusively for PilotWingsTV, my intention with this short piece, was to capture the barnstorming spirit of these unique vintage aeroplanes and the delightfully eccentric, highly skilled pilots that fly them.



The Turbs are now based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Upminster, Essex.  They are currently available for hire to display at public and private events and can also be seen on the UK airshow circuit.  For more information, visit their website http://www.turbteam.com

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