24 Hours In 2 Minutes; A Timelapse Project on Southend Pier

In the Spring of 2012, David Stanley, founder of the groundbreaking ‘Music Man Project’ and Mencap Music School, performed non-stop music for 24-hours to raise funds for the cause. He was joined by local percussionist Liam Ambrose. The event took place on the end of the world’s longest pleasure pier in Southend-on-Sea.

This footage was gathered during filming for my full-length documentary illustrating how the school has harnessed the power of music, teaching and social interaction, to change the lives of individuals with learning disabilities.

In January 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron commented on the documentary:
“I watched the documentary with great pleasure and was particularly moved by the testimony given by the students”

The full film is 60-minutes long and includes extended coverage of the event shown in this timelapse piece. You can view it on this Vimeo profile or in high definition here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv1SdQ0auLg

The music used in this timelapse video was performed live during the marathon event. David had already been playing his piano non-stop, for a gruelling 18 hours at this point! 

This footage was recorded on one of my portable weatherproof PoV cameras shooting one frame every 30-seconds.  The Gopro2 performed exceptionally well despite the freezing gale-force winds battering this exposed location on the pier head.

24-hour Timelapse; The Full Mencap Music School Music Marathon on Southend Pier from Paul Carpenter on Vimeo.